The Statement Necklace

When it comes down to making a statement, a piece that will always get it right, is a great necklace design. Wether it is a more elaborated piece, or a simpler one, a powerful necklace, will immediately make any outfit much more interesting and stylish. Always!

As I´ve mentioned before, I don´t use a lot of jewerly. Is a habit of mine not using these accessories in my daily outfits; maybe a little ring over here, or some small earrings over there (or a small necklace, or a small bracelet; you got me right?), but lately I have found myself attracted to unique, different pieces, that really have the power to change any regular look you wear. I believe little (or big) details are the ones which make the difference between a boring look and a really good outfit that stands out from the crowd.

An amazing necklace I found is this one by Mirina Collections. This is a great example of what a great piece can make in any look. When using it, I noticed the way my outfit was elevated thanks to such an unique piece. Now I want more! I think this will become my new addiction, will it be yours too?

If you like the “Gia” necklace I am wearing, you can buy it with a special prize ;).

Salsa blazer, Zara pants, S.1 shirt, Guess boots




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