The Best Street Style Trends from Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019

I love watching street style pics. I really do. That is where I get most inspiration for daily looks to then recreate them in a budget a la Zara (so, shopping at Zara), and if there is an event that gives me thousands of outfit ideas, it’s without a shadow of doubt Fashion Week.

Just imagine this: thousands of incredibly stylish people from all over the world gather during four weeks to see the latest collections from the top designers. Of course they have to look at their best, with incredible outfits so they can later post on Instagram. Surely there most be more than one great look.

So obviously I couldn’t miss the street style pics from this latest Fashion Week. After passing by so many pictures, I started to see some patterns, which in fashion terms, is a trend, and as the good person I am, decided to share them with you.

So scroll down and check the best street style trends from Fashion Week Paris, Milan, London AND New York edition.

Me encanta ver fotografías de street style. Es ahí donde obtengo más inspiración para crear outfits, claro, en un budget a la Zara, (osea, comprando en Zara). Y si hay un evento que me da cientos de imágenes de inspiración, definitivamente tiene que ser Fashion Week.

Imaginen esto: miles de personas con el mejor estilo reuniéndose durante cuatro semanas para ver las últimas colecciones de los mejores diseñadores. Claro que deben vestirse increíble para después postearlo en Instagram. Seguro que hay más de un look que valga la pena ver.

Así que después del fin de la última edición de Fashion Week fui directo a ver el street style. Después de muchas fotos, empecé a ver algunos patrones, en moda conocidos como tendencias, que ahora muy linda les comparto.

Vayan abajo para ver las mejores tendencias de street style de Fashion Week Otoño/Invierno 2019, edición París, Milán, Londres y Nueva York.

1. The midi skirt. La falda midi.

It seems midi skirts were the go-to length for every fashion week attender. Mostly combined with boots, the feminine silhouette took the lead as one of the strongest trends in the street style scene.

Image: ELLE UK

2. Oversized fit. Talle oversize.

A distinctive fit was seen over all the fashion people of Fashion Week. It seemed like if bringing a slim fit was out of place, as oversized clothing was THE trend of the season.

Image: ELLE UK

3. Suits. Trajes.

It seemes like every women who attended Fashion Week had to wear at least once, a suit, as it was one of the most seen outfits during the whole event. In all colors, shaped and materials, a suit was always there.

Image: ELLE US

4. Biker shorts. Shorts de ciclista.

Is was no surpirse to see the on going trend of biker shorts in the streets of Paris, Milan, London and New York. Styled in many different ways, the biker shorts trends made it clear that it will be here longer than expected.

Image: Harper’s Bazaar US

5. Jumpsuits. Monos.

Easy to wear, jumpsuits were a constant outfit choice seen in Fashion Week. They were made the statement garment of many attenders as there were no upper layers to cover this outstanding trend.

Image: ELLE UK

6. Statement coats. Abrigos con mucho detalle.

Women were seen sporting long, beautiful coats which made up for their whole looks. With killer shoes, of course.

Image: ELLE US

7. Earth tones. Tonos Tierra.

If we would have to name a color choice that won Fashion Week, it definitely was earth tones. Camel, brown, nude were some of the colors creating the palette of the season.

Image: ELLE US

8. Lavender. Color lavanda.

Another color we could see popping on the streets of Fashion Week was lavender in everything from big coats, dresses, and accessories.

Image: ELLE US

9. Phyton. Pitón.

Animal print has become a fashion staple but there is a pattern that made a strong resurface during Fashion Week. In different colors and textures, python proclaimed itself as the exotic skin of the season.

Image: ELLE US

10. Tartan. Estampado de cuadros.

The checkered pattern was a big trend over the past four weeks. A classic print that never fails and with the Fashion Week seal of approval.

Image: ELLE US

11. Waist belts. Cintos alrededor de la cintura.

From dresses, to jackets to statement coats, they were all fitted by waist belts creating the always flattering a-line silhouette.

Image: ELLE US

12. Head bands. Diademas.

Blair Waldorf was ahead of her time as her trademark headbands made their way into Fashion Week. Totally stylish, not girlish at all.

Image: Harper’s Bazaar US

13. The Beret Hat. Boinas.

The classic Parisian hat covered enough heads during Fashion Week to define it as one of the strongest trends seen on the streets. Timeless, feminine and outstanding, berets have made it clear they are never going away.

Image: Harper’s Bazaar US

14. Barrettes. Pines para el pelo.

There is no doubt hair was a major focus during this past edition of Fashion Week. Barettes and hair clips made it fun to style your hair for a fresh and unique look.

Image: Vogue UK

15. White boots. Botas blancas.

White boots, ankle and long ones, were walking in every corner of Fashion Week. No fear to dirt surely, as white was seen all over the street style scene.

Image: ELLE UK

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