Hi! Welcome to Millennial Pink.

You surely must guess what this site with the name of the coolest color is? Well, first of all, this is a fashion blog. So be prepared to see a lot of fashionable things like outfit ideas, trends, street style and you know, fashion. But this blog is not just about fashion; fashion is just the beginning.

It all started with my love for clothing and stylish pics. As easy as it’s to log online, I made all the research necessary (which is actually a lot) and created a blog. A fashion blog.

It’s great blogging about fashion, trust me, and it was always fueled by I the love and passion I have always had for this industry, but out there is so much more. And as this blog is directed to women, I always had this pinch to write about other topics a contemporary woman would like to read about.

So back to the original question. What is this website? Well, it definitely isn`t just one thing but I could resume Millennial Pink as a space that seeks to accompany women in their ever evolving life, always with a sense of humor, wit and lots of style.